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The 3rd annual Tahunanui
Sandcastle & Sculpture Competition

Come and play in the sand at Tahunanui Beach this summer and win!


We're going to spend our summer at the beach, forgetting all of the events that we've had to cancel this year, but remembering to stay as safe as we can.

We've changed the competition from one day into a summer festival, so that more people can participate safely within COVID guidelines.

Grab some friends, whānau or workmates and make a date between Boxing Day (26 Dec 2021) and Waitangi Day (6 Feb 2022) to create something in the sand. 



Step one: Complete your registration below. Entry is free for individuals, families, community groups and businesses, but we are happy to accept donations/koha if you're able to help. Proceeds will go towards our work supporting local neighbourhoods. 
Step two: Gather your team @ Tahunanui Beach sometime between Boxing Day (26 Dec 2021) and Waitangi Day (6 Feb 2022). Create your (family friendly) sand creation. You can add props/decorations but make sure that the only thing left behind when you leave the beach is footprints and sand. 
Step three: Once you finish your build, submit a high resolution photo of your sculpture, and one of the team at the beach. Better yet, hit the record button and create a 30 second video

  • Email your video or photo to

  • Facebook Messenger @topofthesouthneighbourhoodsupport

  • Mail or deliver to Top of the South Neighbourhood Support at The Habitat Hub, 166 Tahunanui Drive, Tahunanui, Nelson 7011

Step four: (optional) Share your entry on social media, tagging @topofthesouthneighbourhoodsupport and using #tahunanuisummerofsand

Enter as a

Thanks for registering!


  1. Contest runs from 26 Dec 2021 to 6 February 2022. Closing date for photo and video submissions will be 5pm February 7th 2022. After this date, no further entries will be accepted. 

  2. There are four categories to compete in; photos/video of builds created by:

    • Whānau/Family &/or Friends​

    • Individual Lone Sculptors

    • Community or Neighbourhood Groups

    • Business workmates

  3. Winners will be chosen from eligible entries at the sole discretion of a panel of judges appointed by TSNS.

  4.  Sandcastle entries must be current builds. Submission photos/videos must provide a visual confirmation of date between Dec 26 2021 and Feb 6 2022. No previous builds will be considered. (e.g write the date in the sand by your build)

  5. Sandcastle entries must be constructed on a Tahunanui  Beach. Submission photos/videos must be recognisable as being taken at Tahunanui, Nelson. 

  6. Winners will receive phone or email confirmation on or after 14 February 2022 and physical prizes are to be collected from Top of the South Neighbourhood Support at the Habitat Hub, 166 Tahunanui Drive, Tahunanui, Nelson 7011

This event is supported by our GOLD event sponsors

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