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2nd annual Tahunanui sand sculpture competition 2020

December 13, 2020

Our vision for last year's Sand Sculpture event was to create a fun low environmental impact event with a focus on young people and families. We also had a vision to support local businesses by acquiring prizes locally or investing in experiences that the family could enjoy- we were able to fund this event on a grant we were awarded by NCC mid way through 2019.

This year we wanted to recreate the event and decided to team up with Multicultural Nelson Tasman and the Newcomers Network in order to broaden our scope. Over the course of this year we have been fostering and strengthening our relationship with Multicultural Nelson Tasman, so it was great to have their support on the day. 

The event this Sunday had 20 sand sculpture teams , and thanks to sponsorship from Pic's, Trailways, Penguinos and Simplicity Funerals, we were able to gather up prizes from the community including a Global Soap pack, double movie pass, 1kg pics peanut butter, a Trailways voucher and Natureland Family pass.

We believe that neighbourhoods are diverse ecosystems which is why we have worked hard to team up with organisations such as Multicultural NT to promote diverse connections within our Neighbourhood Support networks. Thanks to some funding we received from NCC last year, we were able to put on a series of youth events in Tahunanui and Victory neighbourhoods. The Tahunanui Sand Sculpture comp came out of this series, and was so successful that we have decided to put it on again this year!

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